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Bishop Joe Kamanda


ANOINTED, BOLD, GOD-CENTERED, VISIONARY are all terms used to describe Bishop Joe M. Kamanda, the Visionary behind Glory House Ministries International.

He is truly a minister with a servant's heart and has a deep-seated burden for the lost, which has been a motivating factor in his life. His ministry is mightily marked by the spirit of excellence, wisdom and understanding and he is passionately committed to building lives and raising champions. He truly has the spirit of a father and shepherd.


He has been blessed with an incredible teaching ministry; and his uncompromising yet compassionate way of preaching and teaching brings liberty to his listeners as they receive Godly solutions to practical daily issues of life and the freedom to live victorious and prosperous lives.


He believes that every individual notwithstanding their circumstances is unique and special to God and endowed with God-given gifts and abilities to assist them to fulfill their specific purpose in life. He is a leader with a unique apostolic anointing to identify, nurture and release the potential and gifts in those within his leadership and mentorship.


Bishop Joe Kamanda is a spiritual father and/or mentor to many other men and women in the fivefold ministry, to whom he gives an apostolic covering.


He is happily married to Pastor Ida Kamanda and they have been blessed with four children: Angel, Joe Jr. (JJ), Jonathan, and Makayla.





Pastor Ida Kamanda


Pastor Ida's life is full and busy.  Just the way she likes it! Like most women, she wears many hats - wife, mom, pastor, motivator...


She and her husband Bishop Joe Kamanda lead Glory House Ministries International - a growing, dynamic and global ministry in Prospect Heights, Illinois, Los Angeles, California and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


Pastor Ida has a real passion to see women become who God designed them to become. She challenges and motivates women to take their place in destiny.  Out of this passion Women In Action arose.  Women In Action is the women's ministry of Glory House and has a vision to reach hundreds of women around the city.  Through Women In Action, Pastor Ida seeks to challenge, motivate and empower women to be the amazing, world-changing champions they were created to be.


In addition to Women In Action, Pastor Ida leads the Love-A-Child...a children outreach ministry of GHMI.





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